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Cropped Sweater


Hand knit with high quality merino wool and a mohair/silk blend. Currently only available in a marbled white or a dark grey/charcoal (as shown in the last two photos). This style of sweater is uniquely knit using a blend of merino wool and mohair. Mohair is an extra fine and ‘fluffy’ fibre that creates a ‘halo’ effect on garments. As each piece is made to order, and takes about 30 to 40 hours per sweater, please all 6 to 10 weeks from order date to ship date. Custom colours are available upon request, please message me about this. Knit to fit all sizes and bodies. It is cropped in nature and hangs just above the hip line, with a drop shoulder. Available in two sizes sizes (S/M or M/L).

Sweater Care: Hand wash in cool water with ph neutral soap and spot treat if you need. Lay flat to dry. I do not recommend washing unless absolutely necessary. Wool will naturally bloom over time and it is recommended to brush/ groom your sweater with a natural sweater stone or de-piller. This will help prolong the life and new look of your knit.


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