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Brought to you by the Ucluelet’s Chamber of Commerce

so much beauty on the coast

Common Ground Market is a Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce initiative, with a mission to make the arts and crafts of this coast readily available across Canada.

We were born as a new-normal solution to the closure of in person crafts markets during the COVID-19 pandemic but have realized that there is a large demand for the accessibility of the crafts and locally made goods created here.


Shop Local Facts

Supporting local is something to be proud of. Local businesses recirculate $63 out of every $100 back into the local economy compared to $14 by multinationals (LOCO BC). If all BC consumers shifted at least 10% of spending to local businesses, it would create 14,150 jobs and put $4.5 Billion into the economy! 

Do you have a craft? Does the coast inspire you to create? So many of us depend on the craftsperson within us in some capacity or another. Perhaps your craft is your livelihood, perhaps it is a side hustle, it can often be a mental health support, a common ground for friendships, or a hobby that gets you through our rainy winters. For whatever reason, you are a maker, and everyone wants you to continue making things! Contact us to learn how you can become a vendor.

Ucluelet Chamber Of Commerce

The Ucluelet Chamber of Commerce is a non-partisan business organization that exists to meet the needs of the business community and foster a prosperous and healthy local economy.

To learn more or become a member, visit us here: https://ucluelet.ca/development/chamber-of-commerce

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